Do gatling retry on failed request.

I’m trying to determine the scaling factor of my api.
A request is considerate as good under 100ms and bad over this value.
So I have a sernario that ramp user until a great number and I have added a limit check, some thing simple as .check(responseTimeInMillis.lessThan(100))
But my result are differents from what I had without the check.Without the check I have a response time response time low until I reach the server limit, when the server limit is reach the response time grow “lineary”, with response time that never become greater than 2000ms.
When I use the limit check, every thing work as expected until request grow over 100ms. From this point I have huge response time (>10 000ms).

So I was wondering if gatling retry the request when the request is fails, adding the second response time to the first one, and increasing the total number of request?