does gatling expose any api for metrics during the test run?

Hey Guys,

Does gatling expose metrics such as active/completed users, response time etc during every test run which is being output in console that we can plug into from within a simulation code? I’m thinking it does because it pushes those metrics to graphite if graphite is configured for the project.

What I’m looking to do is gather these metrics every 30 sec or 1 min when the test is running and push it to another datastore for database warehousing. I’m am aware there is a simulation log file that can be parsed but doesn’t seem ideal to parse this log file as test is running.

Can anyone point me to the right direction?




In Gatling OSS, you only have the Graphite integration you already know of.

Then, FrontLine provides an API for exporting data and a Grafana datasource.


Ahhh my luck :confused: :frowning:

It would be awesome if we can tap into the existing metrics buffer with an interface while gatling test is running. I’m not a scala expert but is this where it’s being called to print output during test run?

If it’s a lot of work to add, it be great If you can point me to the right direction and I can try to dabble with it and see if I can add that and send you a PR. I’m sure it would be useful to others in the community as well.


Frankly, that won’t happen: it would be having Gatling OSS (our freemium) compete with FrontLine (our way of making a living).
Integration with other systems and reporting features now fall into the FrontLine scope.
Load test engine and HTTP improvements, such as HTTP/2 planned for Gatling 3, fall into the Gatling OSS one.

I hope you’ll understand.


Thanks for clarifying. It makes sense now.