Incorporating non-request data into final reports


We are using Gatling for some of our performance tests, and we love it, but it would be nice if we could incorporate other data into the final reports. Other graphs would be ideal, but some simple number would be great as well.

For example, we are load testing a server based upon spray - we would like to see the evolution of the heap memory size during the test. Or the number of GC pauses / time spent in GC during a test. Or the evolution of the number of threads used for the test. Or any other metric that we are measuring. All of these help when we are sizing a system.

This particular application has this data available through a WS, or even directly in JMX - it is not a problem to retrieve the data.

I would imagine there would be two parts to this:

  • we need to call the WS to get the data regularly (every 5 seconds or something like that)
  • we need to create the pretty results / graphs.

Can anyone give any pointers about how this could be done?


Matthew Farwell.


Have a look at our Graphite integration:



Thanks for that.

So you’re saying that instead of collecting the information into the final Gatling report, I could push the gatling statistics to Graphite and collect them that way?


Matthew Farwell.

Yup, that’s it.