Dowhile loop - i want to send the same message to the websoket until i have a match


i have this websocket check:

  • i want to send the text ACK to the websocket as many time as possible until i have a match

tanks in advance.

any help, please !!!


I’m not sure the session for the websocket is still connected to the one for the http requests.
But maybe you can set something in the session when the check succeed, so you can create a loop for sending your text “ACK” while this session value do not match that.

What do you think?


yes i want to create a dowhile loop and send the ACK to the websocket and when i have a match i want to exit the loop.

i tried to use .onSuccess() and exitHere but no luck (i have a language syntax problems) if you have any example please send it and thank you

Use an asLongAs loop where the condition is based on some parameter set by a check on your websocket.