Dynamic Links and Ajax: Gatling and Wicket

Hi there,

I want to use Gatling performance testing on a website designe with Apache Wicket. Wicket tends to create dynamic URLs for their links for each session and user. Especially Ajax requests use some cryptic dynamically generated URLs that might not be available at the next run.

<a href="?wicket:interface=:4:create::ILinkListener:">
where the "4" will change every request.

Does anyone has experience using Gatling with Wicket or some other Web-Framework with dynamic links?

The issue was already discussed with JMeter + Wicket: https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/WICKET/Wicket+and+JMeter+with+Regular+Expressions

The “solution” for JMeter was to parse the resulting html-page for the links with regular expressions and use these parsed informations for the next request. Does anybody tried this with Gatling and could post some example?


The solution is the same with Gatling: https://github.com/excilys/gatling/wiki/Checks#wiki-regex

Hi there,

We've been testing some major wicket apps lately. Ajax, fileuploads and all kinds of tricky stuff. Took us about two weeks to write the mega brittle tests, but it works. Wicket really sucks (not only for this reason) and if I were you I'd either
1 use a different web framework or
2 invest big bucks in hp load runner truclient (supports Dom evaluation etc) or similar (that's what we ended up doing)


When using no testable frameworks, you always end up paying it one way or the other…
Sorry Gatling doesn’t support this, maybe someday…