Encrypted Cookies in Gatling


I am using the gatling maven version 2.2.0-M2 and the gatling version 2.2.0-M3.

I am debugging a problem where there may be an issue with corrupted or malformed cookies.

I was wondering how encrypted cookies are handled by Gatling.
Is there any senario in which Gatling would not save or send a cookie?
Is there different behavior if the cookie is encrypted?
What does Gatling do if a cookie is corrupted or malformed?



A cookie is just a bunch of characters, so encrypted is just a concern for the one that will have to decrypt it, ie the server. The client/Gatling just send it back as is.

Only some characters are allowed in cookies, as per RFC, as invalid characters can be used for attacks, but we use a lax parser, as Gatling isn’t focused on those security concerns.

Then, a cookie still has to be well formed, like not having an equal inside the cookie value…

What could also cause a cookie to not being sent back, aside from a bug, is Domain and Path matching.