Error: java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: There were no requests sent during the simulation, reports won't be generated

Trying to loop though a scenario until a specific response is returned by server, but seems no requests are being hit from gatling. `Gatling version used is 2.0.0-RC5

Below is code snippet.

val scn_queueDepthCheck = scenario(“testing”).repeat(5) {
//asLongAs(session => continue.get){

//doIf(session => continue.get){
.get(activeMqUri + “/admin/xml/topics.jsp”)

.exec((session: io.gatling.core.session.Session) => {
print(“enqueue count: " + session(“enqueueCount”).as[String])
print(” dequeueCount : " + session(“dequeueCount”).as[String])
if (session(“enqueueCount”).as[String] != session(“dequeueCount”).as[String])


Any help or guidance is much appreciated.

Some lines are commented. Is this intended? Is this the set up you actually tested?
I don’t any problem here, you’d have to provide a full Simulation.
I also advise that you upgrade to a stable version.

Thanks for the quick feedback.
I was trying different loops do see to troubleshoot. So comments can be ignored. I did provide the full simulation by including below lines after setting the scenario as mentioned previously:


The code works fine if I take out the loop statements from the scenario. Else it goes into infinity. Any suggestions on what I might be missing or doing wrong?

If you don’t have any requests, it means that continue’s initial value is false