Example site given for Gatling appears blank.

The site given in gatling-tool.org ie, “http://excilysbank.gatling.cloudbees.net” appears blank on click. Please mention about this.

Also mention the steps to run Gatling in Eclipse step by step.

Cloudbees had shut the app down due to lack of activity (weird that I wasn’t notified).
I’ve started it back again.

Thanks for reporting!

The site is down again. Could you please make it up?

Restart in progress, should be up in 1 minute.


Hi Stephane,

cloudbees site is down again saying application is not available.

Looks like a regular ping is not enough to keep Cloudbees from hibernating…


Thanks for it. So far it worked well. Please provide a clear documentation on Gatling .

any chance of restarting