Gatling 2 api docs / protocol handler reference

Hi Jason,

Nice idea!

I’ll try to have a look tomorrow. Could you provide some info so that I can reproduce?

BTW, you wrote “still can’t find jaxen in local repo”, that’s because you have to add Excilys’ repo: Latest jaxen is missing from central.


Hi Stephane

I reverted from snapshot to M2. There are some incompatibilities between M2 and SNAPSHOT – build was a little difficult as you can only download an M2 distribution but cloudbees is not hosting a M2 jar. I switched to using jfrog repo, which has M2, now all is fine.

I was also able to quickly get the ProtocolConfigurationRegistry working.


Hi Jason,

Our Cloudbees repository only hosts SNAPSHOTs:

Beware that quite a few things have changed since M2!
We are a bit late on releasing M3 (testing and we’d like to support Grizzly as the underlying engine too). It will be out before the end of next week.