Execute gatling script with one user during one minute


t’m trying to do a performance test using gatling. my goal is to add 1000 terms in glossary gradually ( 1st time :50 terms → 2nd time: 100 terms → 3rd time: 200 terms ->…) with only one user and check its performance. i managed to do that, And now i want to repeat my test but i want to execute it during one minute.

here’s my scenario:

val wordFeeder1 = csv(“wordFeederA.csv”).circular

val scn = scenario(“RecordedSimulation”)
.formParam(“os_username”, “xxxxx”)
.formParam(“os_password”, “$$$$$”)
.formParam(“login”, “Se connecter”)
.formParam(“os_destination”, “”)
.repeat(50, “N”){
.exec(http(“ADD TERM N°${N}”)
.formParam(“pageId”, “123456789”)
.formParam(“spaceKey”, “xx”)
.formParam(“termTitle”, “${randomW}”)
.formParam(“termDefinition”, “${description}”)
.formParam(“termLabels”, “”)
.formParam(“termSyns”, “”)) }

setUp(scn.inject(atOnceUsers(1)).protocols(httpProtocol)) }

Maybe you could use “during” loop in the scenario itself, like:
during (1 minute) { here goes your scenario }