Feed in Chain ?


Here is an extract of my scenario :

val prodFeed = csv(“product-rct.csv”).random

val produit = feed(prodFeed).exec(http(“6_Produit”)

val scn = scenario(“TaoHybrisOct2013”).exec(produit)

setUp(scn.inject(atOnce(10 users))).protocols(httpProtocol)

Here is an extract of my csv :



When I execute this, I get that 10 times => 15:49:32.512 [ERROR] i.g.h.a.HttpRequestAction - No attribute named ‘urlpdt’ is defined
I don’t understand what’s wrong ???
(And I don’t want to execute my http requests directly in the scenario object, because I will do more complex stuff with multiples chains (or try to…))

Thanks !! Regards.

crystal ball style: could you have a leading or trailing space character in your CSV file in the urlpdt column header?

LOL @ crystal ball xD
I tried something => similar request, with a csv with only one column, it works. Therefore, you are right, the csv must be the problem.
There is no space or anything in the headers. If i’m deleting the first column (not used for the moment), it works…

non ASCII chars/broken file somewhere maybe?

Could you try copying all the lines but the header one into a new file, then manually re-type the headers?

After multiples tests, I found what’s wrong.
“;” fails. “,” works…
Bitch please !!! :slight_smile:
Case closed.

Ah ah ah!


  • csv = comma (,) separated values

  • ssv = semicolon (:wink: separated values
    Sorry for missing the obvious.