Need help - how to use CSV feeder


I am very new to gatling and just deployed gatling 2.0 on my machine. I am trying to read values from a csv file for my URL. The format of the URL is http://<host_name>//
I got the to use .baseURL

For & I have following snippet:

val csvFeeder = csv(“ampData.csv”).random

val scn = scenario(“testRecordedSimulation”)



.get(uri3 + “”"/"${seller_name}"/"${activity_name}"""")


When I run this file, I get following error: “No attribute named ‘activity_name’ is defined”

Any help would be appreciated.



What does your CSV file looks like ?
This could from something as simple as a typo in the CSV file’s headers.



Thanks Pierre, I did have an extra space in my csv file.