Feeder is empty while running the Child Simulation

Hello everyone,

I want to run two different scenario. Second scenario will start once First is completed. Hence i used andThen method in setup.

firstScenario.inject(rampUsers(thread_Count) during (rampUp_Time.seconds)).protocols(grpcConf)
.andThen(secondScenario.inject(rampUsers(thread_Count) during (rampUp_Time.seconds)).protocols(grpcConf))

Now here the First scenario will create the test data for Second scenario in one csv File, which I am able to generate. I have created a blank csv file which every-time First scenario will update. But second scenario is not able to feed the newly updated csv file, it is still loading the old csv file i.e. Blank CSV and I am getting Error as Feeder is now empty, stopping engine

Can anyone please help me here, how I can generate the testdata of second scenario from execution result of First scenario. And I want to run these two scenario in One Single execution.


You have to force the feeder to « batch »


I have used batch but still getting the Error.

Below is the Feeder File of secondScenario.

val transaction = csv(“data/CreateData.csv”).batch

This CreateData.csv is being generated by First Scenario.