First request is taking to long to execute


I have the following script:

val scn = scenario(“Home Page”).repeat(1) {
.exec(http(“Clearance Data”).get("/api/clearance").check(
.exec(http(“User Data”).get("/api/users").check(

When I run the above code, the first call is taking around 6 secs, whereas the actual time taken by it is 200ms when I run it through Curl. Also the API is not the issue. If I change the order, same thing happens. So the very first call is causing problem, is that the behaviour or I have written some wrong code.

Looks like an issue on your machine. Usual suspects are anti-virus and organization network configuration.

Everything is local, and only the first request is taking time. Also I am on OSX so no antivirus. If I increase the repeat number then the response time for first call goes to normal.