Follow history of several scenarios with Jenkins plugin

I have some gatling scenarios scheduled with jenkins, all scenarios executed in parallel in the same Gatling run.
With the jenkins plugin for the moment I can see the evolution of the global mean response time (and with the detailed graphs, global percentile and global error rate)

I’d like to visualize the evolution of this data for each scenario (or each kind of request) over time, to get more precise feedback of where in my system performance has improved or degraded over time.

Currently I can only see detailed information related to each scenario/request in the gatling reports, which are specific to each run and do not show evolution over time ; is there any plan to get more detailed information in the jenkins historical graphs, or a way to get gatling reports including historical stats ?

I’m new to Gatling, I might have missed something that answers this ?


Hi Guillaume,

We plan on having this in a commercial extension (still just a project).
But then, someone from the community could develop it too. The data is there, what’s lacking is just some manpower :slight_smile:



Is there a way to clear down historical data from Jenkins

For instance I have a new pipeline with 4 runs on it.
I’ve had to tweak the scenario a couple of times to get it exactly right

is there a command, like an inverse of gatling.archive() that i could run to clear down past data?


As the archive is stored in the run,deleting the run should drop the

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