frontline: store graph's request in a pdf template

Hey Stéphane,

we have successfully migrated to the Frontline in AWS and we are really enjoying the tool :slight_smile:

I have a question regarding the pdf templates feature - or maybe this is a bug report or a feature request:

When saving the pdf template, the request property of a graph is not saved - see the picture for what I mean exactly:

Should it work? If not, would you consider implementing this feature?

Thanks a lot.


Hi Peter,

Glad you like FrontLine!

What you’ve reported wrt losing selected request in PDF templates definitively looks like a bug, thanks for reporting.


Hi Peter,

The export template feature is meant to save the graph list without any of its configuration / content. So it is intended that the request is not saved in it.

You could instead use the pdf save features (under Save). A pdf save contains the graphs with all the configuration, including the request. However, it also saves the run number, so you’ll have to change the number manually.

The export pdf feature is still quite new, we will keep improving it with your feedback :slight_smile:

Cédric Cousseran

Hi Cédric,

thank you for your response. I’ve just tried to save the pdf export with data, however, after loading it again, the request in the graph is still not saved. This makes the pdf templates hard to use, since we would like to prepare the template with number of graphs with specific requests, but now we have to select the requests every time we want to export the pdf.

Anyway, thanks for taking a look and let me know if you need any more info. We are using the latest frontline version in AWS - FrontLine Version: 1.10.1; Gatling Version: 3.3.1.FL