Gatling Report - request name length, dynamic mean hits calculation and the response per second graph

Need some suggestions on the following

  1. Is there a way to avoid truncating of the request names in the response summary table under the Global tab?

    • workaround in use : running a shell script to parse the generated simulation log file and generate report with http response wise API response time with full name of each request.
  2. The response per second always show the graph with red lines even if there is no failure for the selected request.

    • workaround in use : I deselect the red legend before taking any screenshots
  3. Graph title - in older version the tile used to be the request name. now it’s any generic name

    • no negative impact
  4. was wondering if the divisions on the report be movable, particularly the sidebar listing groups/request names

    • workaround - for now relying on the shell script generated raw report for response time with http status break down
  5. dynamic hits/second calculation on selecting a time range on request response graphs.

    • workaround - after trimming the idle minutes from the graph , taking a screenshot with the note to ignore the count/s value and mentioning the actual count/second separately in the run documents being shared

Hi @arfashaista,

So many subjects in one topic! You should open multiple topics (one for each subject).
Everyone is not aware of everything on Gatling code base and/or features.

For instance, I didn’t answer until now because I don’t have answers for everything.
Please, split your subject and explain exactly what you have in mind.

Keep in mind that Gatling is open source and, suggestion and contributions are welcome.



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