Frontline: support spot instances in EC2 pool


this is a feedback / feature suggestion for Frontline’s EC2 pool. It would be great if the injectors could be created on spot instances in AWS. The main advantage for that is price, spot instances cost usually only a 1/3 of a price of regular instance. The only downside is that such instance can be terminated by AWS anytime with 2 minute prior notice. But it’s not that often and if the simulations are rather short, it’s a perfect match. Also I don’t think that there needs be any special handling on the Frontline side - if the simulation fails b/c the injector was deleted, it should be enough just to report to the user that the simulation failed for that reason or maybe automatically rerun the simulation… Both options should work.

Thanks for considering this.


Yes, that’s in our roadmap. Should land in ~4 months (1.13).

Awesome! Thank you.