Gatling Frontline Query

Currently in our organisation we are using Gatling Open Source Version.I would like to check the free trail version which is available for Gatling front line. I have gone through documentation and pricing details.

The “Continuous Load Testing” offer includes 1 configured simulation and 1 load injector.

Is one configured simulation mean–only one simulation need to be executed in entire freetrail period & 1 injector in the sense load through one C5/m4/t2 type of instance and is there any restrictions on users/sec etc etc…

Any inputs on Frontline will be helpful for our organisation to switch from open source to licensed version.

Hi there,

Best way to get information regarding FrontLine is to reach out at

The free trail on the AWS Marketplace indeed has those limits:

  • 1 configure simulation = you can only configure 1 simulation at a time in the tool
  • 1 load injector = you can’t run distributed load tests with load generated from multiple concurrent injectors

The free trial for the on prem version doesn’t have those limits, but you need to sign our evaluation contract (basically an NDA).

Thanks for the quick reply Stephane.Will try it on AWS marketplace as of now and will check the features available in Frontline.