Galting stop simulation without root cause

Hi there,

I’m having a weird issue when run my perfomance tests inside jenkins for the last couple days and any help would be good:

I’m using the gradle plugin so in my jenkins I run ./gradlew gatlingRun

For some reason during the job (usually around 15 min) gatling stops and the only logs I have looks like this:

Task :gatlingRun FAILED
:gatlingRun (Thread[Execution worker for ‘:’,5,main]) completed. Took 17 mins 27.49 secs.

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

  • What went wrong:
    Execution failed for task ‘:gatlingRun’.

There’re failed simulations: com.test.MySimulation

I don’t have any other information and the gatling report was not generated and
I don’t have ay request/response errors on the logs.

Looking at the simulation.log everything seems fine and the last entry looks like this:

USER Product START Test

This is the following config I’m using:

plugins {
id "io.gatling.gradle" version "3.6.1"

gatling {
toolVersion = "3.6.1"
logLevel = "INFO"
logHttp = "FAILURES"

and this is my gatling.conf


Are you able to run this same test manually?
Does it last for more than 15 minutes?