Jenkins "No simulations to run" as soon as I add a new simulation


I have created Gatling based framework to start migrating our previously created tests from a different tool and used a new feature as an initiation point. It was successful and I was confident that using Gatling would be an interesting tool to use.

So this was about a month ago and the 4 Simulations I have created in are working no problem on our Jenkins. In the meantime, another feature that would require some load test popped up and I have created 3 additional simulations for them. As soon as I add them to Jenkins, “Failed to execute goal io.gatling:gatling-maven-plugin:3.0.5:test (default-cli) on project : No simulations to run” is what I am getting.

It is working with the initial 4 but as soon as I add something, even the duplicate of one of the tests or a simple google call test, jenkins is failing. Tried working around with different Gatling versions like 3.1.0 etc., Modifications to the initial 4 tests are no problem but I cannot expand the framework at all because “mvn gatling:test” does not find and run the ones that it runs before adding anything.

Thanks for the help in advance, have a great weekend.

Have you checked that:

  • you don’t have a compile error
  • your fully qualified class names are correct (eg duplicated, wrong package/class not matching the File name or location)?

Hi Stéphane,

Thanks for your swift response. I did the following after your message after the rollback to the working state:

There are no compilation errors via running from Engine or via terminal with mvn commands. I have moved the files with proper refactoring and did a mvn clean install because Engine was showing duplicates of the file without it(attachment DuplicateViaEngine.png).

Regardless after clearing things out and commit/push, the result didn’t change. Will try to figure out a solution over the next few days but been trying to understand the issue for the last 2 days anyway. If I can find out a solution/reason, I will notify you/community about it.

Let me know if there is any information I can provide to help you help me :slight_smile:

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