Gatling 1.1.0 is out!

Dear all,

We are very proud to announce that Gatling 1.1.0 is finally out!

This new release is the result of 3 months of hard work.
Gatling is now cleaner, faster and hopefully more user friendly.
We hope you’ll enjoy it.

You can get the bundle at the usual place.
Please also have a look at the changelog and migration guide.

We’ll spend the next days/weeks enriching the documentation.

Thank you all for your support!


Stephane & Romain

Congratulations and thanks for the great work!
Now I can start my work on MQTT support. :wink:



Congrats on the new release! We've been working hard to make some big
changes to our tech stack as a result of the load testing we did with
Gatling. I can't wait to crank the tests up once we complete our


I hope we’ll never break again the APIs like we did in 1.1.0…

At this time, you’ll probably lack some documentation, but we’ll add it in the next days/weeks

Let us know if you need some help.
Good luck!


2012/3/23 Richard Chuo <>

Thanks Chris,

I saw you’ve been going for Spray, seems cool!
If you can find time for it some day, please let us know how high you manage to get with Gatling.



PS: I’m going to add a links section to the documentation and point to your blog.

2012/3/23 Chris Carrier <>

Hi Guys,

That’s great news! Thanks for all your hard work on the project and for creating such a useful tool.



Thanks Luke!

2012/3/24 Luke Taylor <>