Gatling 2 fails 7U6 SDK check for IBM SDKs

Currently, Gatling is not IBM JDK friendly. You can continue to run it from a non IBM JDK. Unfortunately, my only driving machine is zLinux and IBM is the only SDK for zLinux.

I was trying to run from zLinux, no matter what IBM SDK you try, the message you will see is:
zmasonlx1:/var/gatling/bin # ./ -s workloadSimulation/RWTServlet4
GATLING_HOME is set to /var/gatling
Exception in thread “main” java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: Gatling requires Java >= 7u6

The version I was trying to use is higher than 7U6:
zmasonlx1:/var/gatling/bin # java -version
java version “1.7.0”
Java™ SE Runtime Environment (build pxz6470_27sr2ifix-20141107_04(SR2+IV66608+IV66375))
IBM J9 VM (build 2.7, JRE 1.7.0 Linux s390x-64 Compressed References 20141107_221193 (JIT enabled, AOT enabled)
J9VM - R27_Java727_SR2_20141107_0840_B221193
JIT - tr.r13.java_20141003_74587.03
GC - R27_Java727_SR2_20141107_0840_B221193_CMPRSS
J9CL - 20141107_221193)
JCL - 20141004_01 based on Oracle 7u71-b13

zmasonlx1:/var/gatling/bin # java -fullversion
java full version JRE 1.7.0 IBM Linux build pxz6470_27sr2ifix-20141107_04(SR2+IV66608+IV66375)

It must be keying on a String that does not match what we produce.

If I can help figure out the appropriate string to match, I will.

We do some optimizations that assume the new java.lang.String implementation that was introduced with OpenJDK/Hotspot 7u6, where they removed the offset and length fields. I can’t tell if and when IBM did the same move in some of their updates.