Java 7


I just noticed this section on the Getting Started page:

“At this time, we recommend not to run Gatling with JDK7. For example, the Netty framework has some experimental features based on NIO2 that are activated when running with JDK7 that might be problematic.”

Does that still apply and if so, what are these problematic experimental features? I assume we’re still talking about Netty 3.x?


  • Roman

Hi Roman,

Yes, Gatling uses Netty 3.x as Netty 4 is not released yet and more
importantly not supported by async-http-client.

I don't remember the exact details, sorry. I'd have to go through the Netty
release notes and commits and I honestly don't have time right now.
I also personally experienced problems with JDK7 NIO on Mac OS X that
didn't happen with JDK6. I checked the u10 released this week and I
couldn't reproduce.

Also note that Gatling is compiled with JDK6. We'll switch to JDK7 for
Gatling 2.