[gatling 2] How to maintain request ratio

I need to hit a server using query parameter and maintain specific ratio.
For example.

We have http://some_service.com/anything?param=true

So i need to hit server so it will be 80% of request with param=true and 20% with param=false.

I’ve tried to use repeat statement to send 4 requests with one value and then 1 request with another one.
So it should have make necessary ratio. But test results was approximately 60/40 or even close to 50/50


p.s. i’m totally new to scala :slight_smile:

Sounds very weird. Could you share a gist of your code, please?
Moreover, what you want is actually the randomSwitch: https://github.com/excilys/gatling/wiki/Structure-Elements#wiki-randomSwitch