Setting Gatling to send requests based on percentage/ratios?

I want to setup Gatling so that in one setup, I can send 3000 requests, of which 95% will use one test file, and 5% another test file. These files are retrieved as json files (called ‘userFeeder’ in below code. Can Gatling support the above scenario?

The code is currently as follows, which works for a request per second approach, but needs amending. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

class AddUserSimulation extends Simulation {

  private val conf = ConfigFactory.load() //loads a setup file of parameters
  private val TOKEN_VALUE = "tokenvalue"
  private val userFeeder =  jsonFile("/" + conf.getString("environment") + "/testaddUser.json")

  val httpConf = http
    .baseURL(conf.getString("api.gateway.url")) // Here is the root for all relative URLs
    .header("Referer", conf.getString("referer"))
    .header("Cache-Control", "no-cache")

  val Login = new ADFSAuthentication Login

  val scnAPI = scenario("test add User") // A scenario is a chain of requests and pauses
    .repeat(conf.getInt("repeat.count")) {
        exec(http("test add User")
        .post("/" + conf.getString("environment") + "/users/")
        .header("Authorization", "Bearer ${"+TOKEN_VALUE+"}")
  setUp(scnAPI.inject(constantUsersPerSec(11) during(30 minutes)).protocols(httpConf)) 

Yes possible create two scenarios with different test files and execute both scenarios in simulation file as per requirement.

Please correct me, if am wrong.

Santosh Kulkarni