[Gatling 2 - master] Reports location

Hi guys,

When I run gatling from inside my ide (intellij) on my mac, the reports get generated into

Reports generated in 0s.
Please open the following file : ./Users/landro/projects/projects/gatling/target/results/accountsimulation-20130905110601/index.html

The reports actually end up at:


This only happens on my mac.

This is the relevant code:

val GATLING_HOME = Option(System.getenv(“GATLING_HOME”)).getOrElse(".")

private def resolvePath(path: String): Path = {
val rawPath = Path(path)
if (rawPath.exists) path else GATLING_HOME / path

What could be going on?

Could you fill an issue, please?

Finally got to look at this again. Seems like you must have fixed it on master.



Oh, yes, forgot to follow you up, sorry.
Thanks for reporting.