Can't get the Gatling Jenkins Plugin to to read and archive my results

Hej Community,

I want to run my tests in a CI pipeline but the jenkins plugin just don’t want to find any results in my folder. The exact message is:

Archiving Gatling reports...
Could not find a Gatling report in results folder.
No newer Gatling reports to archive.

Path is:


So no whitespaces as mentioned in the description.

I added the following to the .pom even it shouldn’t be necessary but it doesn’t work too.


C:\Tools\gatling-maven-plugin-demo-master\src\test\resources C:\Tools\gatling-maven-plugin-demo-master\src\test\resources\data C:\Tools\gatling-maven-plugin-demo-master\target\gatling C:\Tools\gatling-maven-plugin-demo-master\src\test\resources\bodies C:\Tools\gatling-maven-plugin-demo-master\src\test\scala\


I used the sample project from github: gatling-maven-plugin-demo

Thanks in advance!

Well I’m able to run it now. The resultsFolder has to be in the workspace of jenkins.




I don’t have an idea to change it to another directory. If there is a way, please post it here. But at least I can work with it for the moment.

Solved :slight_smile: