[Gatling 2] Release plans?

Hi there,

Any plans to release a new milestone - or a final 2.0 version?

The last milestone is like 8 months, and in my opinion it would make sense release a new milestone into the wild since there are lots of nice new features and fixes.



We’re working on the documentation. We also have some unfinished stuff on websockets (checks) and some bugs to fix.
The plan is to have the doc done for the end of next week, and then polish things.

You guys will be able to send pull requests on the documentation, if you see what I’m about… :wink:

Great news!

Hi all,
Are there any news regarding the new release ?
I’m also interested in its content/scope - are you going to take what you have on the development branch or maybe the process is more complex in this case ?


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Thanks a lot !

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