Gatling 3.0.0 maven-plugin


I’m trying to upgrade Gatling to 3.0.0. I have a maven project and I would like to achieve the same behavior I had with the previous version.
On that 2.2.4 version I was able to run multiple simulations in a given order using description in the pom.
Now I faced with the issue that it does not work anymore. I’m wondering whether there are any chance to run multiple simulations in a predefined order?

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What were you doing exactly?

My goal is to run a 'warm up" before the selected simulation starts to prepare data.

Originally I solved this problem by defining executions on gatling-maven-plugin level like:

I am also a Gatling newbie, and not trying to change the subject, but if it was me, (and correct me if I am wrong) I would do the warmup programmatically in code by defining a Scala class that extends Gatling App class. Then, just execute it as a regular “Java task” from maven or gradle. Like I did here:

The last line in that file is a call to start the gatling test but it seems like you could add a second call to that in there to do a warmup instead of doing it from a maven config. yuk


Hi Jon,

Thanks for the hint! :slight_smile:
Actually I was trying to do the migration with as few changes as possible but if it’s not working in the old way then I have to find another solution.


  1. november 9., péntek 20:12:39 UTC+1 időpontban Jon Thor Austen a következőt írta:

Nothing has changed in 3.0 wrt maven executions: it’s something that maven controls, not the Gatling plugin.

That being said, I don’t think maven guarantees same phase executions order.
If you want to have control over executions, the proper way is to directly trigger them: mvn gatling:test@execution-id1 gatling:test@execution-id2.