Maven plugin - simulation order.

Hello guys,

Sorry for maybe this stupid question but I’m totally new to gatling and especially maven and I wasn’t able to find anything helpful.
I was able to finally make my test run using maven plugin but what I need is to run in particular order.

First I need to run simulation that is grabbing tokens that I’m using later .

So in my pom.xml I have something like that

io.gatling gatling-maven-plugin ${gatling-plugin.version} true grabTokens execute perf.GetToken getModel execute perf.GetTree

So now when I run my simulations : mvn gatling:execute and instead of first running the perf.GetToken simulation it is always starting
from the second one that will fail because it doesn’t have required data.

What I’m doing wrong or how can I force correct sequence order ? I was sure that that order that I define in pom will be the one in
which it will be executed.


My next try was to left runMultipleSimulations set to true and left only first test in pom.xml




when I run it passing class name
mvn gatling:execute -Dgatling.simulationClass=perf.GetToken
It’s ok and test is executed.

But when I run mvn gatling:execute situation is same as previous perf.GetTree is executed although it isn’t

set in pom.

What I’m doing wrong ?