Gatling 3.1.1 is out!

Hi there,

We’re very excited to announce that we’ve just released Gatling 3.1.1.

You might wonder what happened with 3.1.0. It’s sadly dead as we detected and were reported several regressions before the release announcement but after the binaries made it to maven central.

Please check the announcement on our website:

We hope you’ll like it!


Stéphane for the Gatling Team

Hi Stephane,

Thank you for releasing a new version of my favourite tool - this is awesome as usual!

I would like to report a minor issue. I have run into this issue after migration to - I think that “assertions” feature doesn’t work well. I have the following scenario:

    reachRps(10) in (10 seconds),
    holdFor(durationMagnifier minute)
  .maxDuration(1 + durationMagnifier minutes)

In the end of the run test fails with exception (see below), html report is not generated. Though, if I remove "assertions" from scneario then everything works as expected 
The only difference in simualtion.log is the first line which is presented is assertions are enabled:

Hi Maria,

Thanks for your kind words.
Are you sure you’re using 3.1.1 and not 3.1.0 or

Oh, right. My fault, I am using - it is the latest available in Maven repo
I will wait for 3.1.0 and try again to enable assertions

No, this issue is the reason why 3.1.0 is dead and we’ve released 3.1.1 that fixes it!


Thanks for this but a bit confused. The latest version I see on maven repo is and no version 3.1.1.


Where are you looking?!

Ok thanks, I was looking here;

mvnrepository is a legacy third party index and it frequently lags behind.
You should stick to the official index.

I think that wasn’t updated yet, so some people (like me) could load an old version by mistake. I entered 3.1.1 in pom file and Maven loaded it for me. Charts and Assertions work well in 3.1.1. Thank you!