Gatling can't be called using system properties?

I tried to configure parts of my scenario with setting a system property.

  1. calling “gatling.bat -Dloadtest.conf=foo.conf” results in

Error: Unknown argument ‘-Dloadtest.conf’
Error: Unknown argument ‘foo’

  1. calling “mvn gatling:execute -Dloadtest.config=foo.conf” does not set the system property “loadtest.config” too (see System.getProperties())

One of the most useful thing is to set a “username” or “password” from command line (instead of storing them in a config file).

Regards Danny

  1. open the script and you’ll see that you have to set this up as a JAVA_OPTION env var before running it. The way you did it actually passes a -Dloadtest.conf to the Gatling class main method, which is not what you want.
  2. gatling is executed is another JVM, so you have to set System properties in the plugin configuration (there’s a jvmArgs option).