Gatling error when configuring with eclipse luna


In my gatling project engine.scala, IDEPathHelper.scala, Recorder.scala have created under src/test/scala. and data, request bodies folder, conf files ,logback.xml files have created under src/test/resource. I want scala files to create under src/main/scala and data, request bodies folder,conf files,logback.xml files should create under src/main/resource.

When clicking on Run as–> scala application, I am getting “error: could not find or load main class Recorder .Picked up _JAVA_OPTIONS: -Xmx2048M”

can anyone help this to proceed

Please find the attachment.

Thanks in Advance!!

Mohanapriya Anandakumar.

gatling error.PNG

There’s a red mark on your project, so it’s broken.
Check the “Problems” panel.

What’s for sure is that your project is configured with JDK6 while Gatling requires JDK7.

I configured gatling with JDK7 only.still i am getting this error.Pls help to proceed

I’m not sure if that’s your issue, but your project is definitively configured to emit and run JDK6 bytecode (even if you compile with JDK7).
See JRE System Library value in your screen capture.

Gatling requires JDK7.

If we simulate 100 users registration functionality performance testing using Gatling, Will it create 100 records in the database in case registration populates the database data ?

If thats the functionality of your application. Gatling does not write anything directly to database. Your application will.