Gatling for API Automation Testing ?


Going by the capabilities of Gatling along with Scala’s verbose power,
I was wondering can’t we consider Gatling as a serious competitor when considering Gatling for API automation?

As far as I am aware, it does all the required checks like any other API automation tools
(say Postman for example or Selenium) and the same script can be converted into a Performance script by upgrading the “setUp”.

Am I being too naive here or completely wrong? Can someone help me out?

P.S. => I am not talking about browser / mobile automation here but about the APIs.

Warm Regards,
Mishal Alexander

That’s a plan for later this year.

Thanks for your response Stéphane but could you please share a little more information on what is lacking in Gatling to not use it for API automation at the moment?
I am asking this because I was seriously considering it for API automation testing, like right now, though my Scala skills are not that great!

Hi Mishal,

did you try functional specs in Gatling?

We use them successfully for automated API testing.


Thanks a lot, Adam for this information and sorry for the delay!
This looks very promising. But it appears to me that it is a little more code-oriented than Gatling (my Scala skills are not great, unfortunately)
Maybe the Gatling team is working on making it simpler, I think? Anyways I am excited to see what they are going to come up with!

In the meantime, I am considering to use Newman + Postman for the automation requirements and stick with Gatling for Performance.