Gatling for testing asynchronous messaging systems, reporting timeouts/missing messages

We are trying to use Gatling to test an asynchronous messaging system, we have created a custom ActionBuilder/Action in order to do this. Our custom action simply sends messages to the system, the system processes these messages and sends an ACK back to a performance queue which our gatling test monitors, upon receipt we send the result to Gatling:

DataWriter.instances.foreach(_ ! RequestMessage(
  scenario = scenarioName,
  userId = "User",
  groupHierarchy = List.empty[String],
  name = "Delta",
  requestStartDate = ...,
  requestEndDate = ...,
  responseStartDate = ..., 
  responseEndDate = ..., 
  status = Status("OK"),
  message = *None*,
  extraInfo = List.empty[Any]))

This all works great for successful messages, however is it possible to use the data writers to tell Gatling about messages we have not received a response for, i.e mark them as if they were a HTTP timeout. The RequestMessage interface doesn’t seem appropriate for this use case? What is the best way to report a timeout message to gatling?

Kind Regards

Yes, implement a timeout logic and log those messages with a KO status and an error message.