Gatling and precompiled simulations

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What is the official/supported position wrt Gatling running a precompiled simulation rather than compiling and then executing the compiled code? Last time I looked into it there were several solutions amounting to assembling fat jars and then massaging directories so Gatling would see things as the result of the compilation phase. I could imagine reasons for wanting the feature as well as reasons why it might cause problems. I’m curious about the Gatling team’s recommendation.

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As you know, we have an official solution for automated Gatling deployments: FrontLine.
The only usages that are supported on the OSS side are the ones we’ve had so far: bundle with Simulation sources, maven and sbt projects that compile the sources too.
You’re of course free to implement your own solution, but then, you’re on your own and you can’t complain if things break.