Gatling functional specs example project updated


as you might know there is a functional spec feature in Gatling. The corresponding docs are here:

@constantijn and I have updated the corresponding example project to the latest Gatling and sbt release and added more documentation.

Please have a look at it and if you like give us some feedback.


Zoo Sky.

Looks great, thanks a lot!
FunSpec is probably something that we’ll want to improve for Gatling 3. Suggestions welcome!

Then, do you think it would be possible to move this repository to the Gatling organization?
I would feel more comfortable if our documentation didn’t point to external resources (can’t bet on what could happen in the future, like the repo being removed). We already have a sbt demo project and a maven demo project, and it would make sense to have this one alongside.

Sounds good to me. I'd like the commit history to stick around if possible.
Shall I submit a ticket to github asking them to move the repo from my account to the Gatling account?