Gatling Generate OAuth2.0 token using callback URL not working

Hi Team,

I’m trying to get OAuth token using callback URL but I’m missing something here. Could you please help me here what I’m missing here ?

val header = Map(
    "Accept" -> """application/json""",
    "Content-Type" -> """application/x-www-form-urlencoded, charset=UTF-8""")

val auth_token = scenario("POST Authentication")
            http("POST OAuth Req")
            .formParam("oauth.token.client.secret", "*******")
            .formParam("oauth.token.url", "")
            .formParam("", "my-test-user")
          //  .formParam("oauth.token.client.secret", "*****")
            .formParam("oauth.token.grant.type", "client_credentials")
            .formParam("oauth.token.scope", "my:test:activation")

And Error I got is

Try to send a request manually with the same headers and see if you have the same error?

Thanks, let me try :slight_smile: