Gatling - Graphing 'Final Results Over Time'

I was reading through but those solutions seem to be oriented towards reproducing just what we see on the HTML output reports: real time graph of individual suite.

What I want to have instead is create a micro-service to capture Gatling test results and then produce a graph of “final results over time”.

Every time we build a microservice, we run a short performance test at the end of each time we deploy that artifact. I want to be able to graph those over time, for example, if we build once per day. I want to make a graph over a monthly period to catch performance results changes. For example, graph changes in performance of total average response time OR response time of a specific query.

Am I overlooking some documentation that explains this already? I don’t believe I am the first person to need this?


Amazing question Jon, i was about to type this question,i also need similar solution in log parsing tools like Sumologic or splunk,but didnt find anything in google,

If you use Jenkins:

thats what i was looking for. thanks