Need help interpreting a graph

Hi All, I’m running some tests on a new service we are building and I’m seeing something I haven’t seen before with my gatling results. I see my “Response Time Percentiles Over Time graph” create a straight line across the result graph at 10seconds. The fact that it is so straight makes me think there is a setting in our deployment or in gatling that is causing these results. Can anyone give me a place to start looking if it is within gatling? I am also looking at NGINX and other configs withing the application as well.

Hi @gkandale,

I only see the overall at 10k. It means that the max is 10seconds. I think you configured a 10seconds timeout somewhere.

What is weird is that the default request timeout is at 60seconds.
But perhaps the issue you face is with connect timeout (at 10s by default).

Maybe you are reaching your OS limit of simultaneous opened connection. Did you tune them?


Thank you Sébastien, I will look into opened connections.

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