gatling hangs at warm up phase

new to gatling, have a project run fine but now hangs at the “io.gatling.http.ahc.HttpEngine [] - Start warm up” and have the following repeatedly:

the version is 2.3.1

Not to be flippant, but the first thing I would try is rebooting your machine and see if the problem goes away.

If it does not, try doing curl ( the url that the warm-up hits)

If that works, then try modifying your logback-test.xml file to be more verbose and see if there is any meaningful log entries surrounding the warm-up request.

If all else fails, just modify your config and set your own warm-up url, one that you know works in your environment.

I updated to v3.2.1, and now I have the following:

I have disabled openSSL

tried several times to restart

Thanks for the help. It turns out some firewall issue that blocks the default warm up url and it is fine now after I set it to google