gatling highcharts 3.6.1 depends on 2 different versions of typesafe.config


I am setting up a maven project for gatling tests. We are using the maven enforcer plugin with “dependencyConvergence” check enabled. The problem, is that I use “gatling-charts-highcharts” 3.6.1 dependency as specified here: my build fails because of the enforcer plugin, because gatling-charts-highcharts.3.6.1 depends on 2 versions of com.typesafe:config

here is the maven build log message:

Are you going to do something about it?

No, absolutely nothing, be it for stable releases, milestones, free users or customers.
This is not an issue. This is a false positive created by some static analysis tool that has no clue if those versions are actually compatible or not (which they are).

You can

  • either tune your tool to lower this rule to a warning so you can review and decide if this case is an error or not,
  • or try to force the dependency version on your side in your project to tell your tool that you have this dependency under control.


Well, thanks, but I don’t agree that it’s not an issue. It is and I think it should be addressed at the source rather than pushed further onto every consumer. Even if you put aside the error itself, what actually happens is that you dont easily see which version will be used. You are declaring explicitly that you want to use version 1.4.1 so probably you have a reason to want 1.4.1 and not 1.4.0. But what you end up using is actually 1.4.0 since it is closer to the project.

So how I think it “should” be fixed is that in the highcharts pom itself it should declare the version in the dependency management section.