Gatling Http Client Standalone


I’d like to replace the spray client I’m using with in my project with async http client. Gatling provides a scala wrapper for it and much more. Would it be possible to use the gatling http client as standalone? If so, where to start from?



Thanks Stéphane.

I found another wrapper: http4s

They used to only support/wrap the Jetty client and Blaze-client (their own HTTP stack).
They introduced AHC support one month ago:

Hi Stéphane,

We are facing an issue with Gatling redirection. (Using Gatling 2.1.7)
We are loading rails server and trying to use (http://localhost:3000)
Our flow should do something like this: URL/sessions/new → URL/session(authentication) → Redirection to User Home → rest of the operations.
What is happening is that after successful authentication it gets 302(redirection) to Homepage(as expected), but immediately after that is gets another 302 back to URL/sessions/new, and goes in a loop.
URL/sessions/new → URL/session(authentication) → Redirection to User Home → Redirection to URL/sessions/new

Have you seen any such kind of an issue?



Gatling 2.1.7 is very old (3 years!!!) and is no longer maintained. Please upgrade to latest (currently 2.3.1).


Another Scala wrapper with an AHC backend: sttp