Gatling Jenkins Plugin Build Failure

Hi everybody,
I would like to know if it will be developed a function in the jenkins plugin to make the build failed if the performance tests are worse of a certain percentage respect at a defined baseline.
More or less like something like is already possible with the Jenkins Perfomance plugin.


The Gatling Jenkins plugin honors the assertions:

Thanks for the quick reply and sorry if I didn’t see them in the doc.
But I would like to understand if there is a way to make a build fail if it is ,for example, 20% worse of the previous build from the performance point of view?


Currently no, it doesn’t compare results from one build to another.
Contributions welcome :slight_smile:

I’m interested to do it but I need some time to study Scala, that is already in my scope. :slight_smile:
Do I need some other specific knowledge?

The Jenkins plugin is written in Java :slight_smile:

You are right I forgot it! I need only to study the jenkins plugin.