Gatling Jenkins plugin failing to execute

Hi I’ve got Gatling executing in a job using Maven and then I call gatlingArchive() as instructed to integrate with Jenkins. My admin installed the plugin into our Jenkins server as far as I know.


I got past this error by moving the gatlingArchive() call outside the sshagent block. However I now get this exception from the Gatling Jenkins plugin. Can anyone provide any guidance?


Looking at the plugin source where it’s failing, it appears some directories it’s trying to read don’t have expected file names. Perhaps it could just skip these?

The Gatling OSS Jenkins plugin is intended to be used either on a single Jenkins server, or in conjunction with a Jenkins controller-agents infrastructure.
It does not (and won’t) support custom deployments such as what you’re trying to build with ssh.
If you have more advanced needs regarding CI integration and automated deployments, you might want to have a look at FrontLine.


The source of the error is pretty clear: a bad directory has a naming convention that the plugin doesn’t expect. I don’t think that has anything to do with whatever deployment we are using. I am looking into cleaning up those directories, but I was just suggesting a more graceful termination at that specific line of code where it fails. I don’t think that has any bearing on what kind of deployment it’s running in. Just a suggestion to improve the resilience of the plugin, not for supporting other kinds of deployments.