Gatling JMS -> ActiveMQ server

We have ActiveMQ service installed on our server. I’d like to try to send some test message to some queue. Is it possible to accomplish via Gatling JMS support, given that I don’t provide the connectionFactory / context? Only server url and queue name.

Just need to setup the gatling jms configuration. For details about the ActiveMQ JNDI setup see:

I tried to setup gatling jms configuration. In my case it is:

val jmsConfig = jms

In our ActiveMQ configuration we have this connectionFactory, and queue, which I use in the request later. However I am constantly getting this exception:

Caused by: javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: jms/AMQConnectionFactory


I assume that the problem is in the contextFactory. However, I have absolutely no idea how to specify it, as the mandatory parameters only accept String type.

I guess I had to provide additional file. It had solved my problem.

Hi Can you post the solution wat you got ??