Gatling and support for jakarta.jms.ConnectionFactory

The question is:
Does the Gatling JMS supports the ‘jakarta.jms.ConnectionFactory’ ?

I got something like it:

public JmsConfig() {
        ConnectionFactory connectionFactory =
                (ConnectionFactory) new org.apache.activemq.ActiveMQConnectionFactory(EnvironmentConfig.JMS_URL);

        jmsProtocol = jms
                .connectionFactory((javax.jms.ConnectionFactory) connectionFactory)

And well, I cannot use it after I changed from javax to jakartas ConnectionFactory.

I can just cast the connectionFactory back to the (javax.jms.ConnectionFactory), but that’s not what I wanted to get.

Can anyone support me, please

Please open a feature request on GitHub and hope for more users (not from your organization) or customers to upvote for it.

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