gatling libraries are not recognized on intellij maven project

I build a simple maven scala project using this link:

I wanted to try out performance testing. Below is my pom file. However, the gatling libraries are not visible in my test class as shown in the image below. I am not sure what the problem could have been. Perhaps, I have not rebuilt maven to update the pom files. I tried mvn clean compile but still the gatling libraries aren’t recognized. Please, help point me in the right direction.

You really shouldn’t rely on a third party blog post from 2016, all the more as it contains a lot of broken information.
Your pom is a complete mess as it mixes libraries for Scala 2.10, Scala 2.12 and Scala 2.13 and none of those are binary compatible.
If you’re new to Gatling, you should stick to official documentation and material, typically the installation guide, including the maven section.

Thanks Stephane,
I will try this now and give you update soonest.

IMHO is a good starting point