Gatling load injection strategies

What is the appropriate injection strategy/profile for stress test(extreme conditions) in Gatling
rampUsersPerSec or constantUsersPerSec or both together.
From Gatling documentation I realized that mostly constantUsersPerSec and atOnceUsers is used for simulation load tests for concurrent number of users.
What is the possible example of profile injections which can be used used in simulation of stress scenario of an application

Hi @Pof,

It really depends on your wish. The injection pofile DSL is here to be able to have different case depending on your own use case.


I am more of a beginner using Gatling.
Can you give some example of injection profile combination I can use for simulating a stress test scenario to determine my apps breaking point?

Perhaps do you mean capacity test?

Something like:


From 1 new user per second, to 1000 new users per seconds dispatch during 30min.
At some point, high probability that your server will begin to have some trouble.
You will be able to better analyze that when done.


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